Old Tricks Do Work

I’ve been playing this game, The Five Pillars, on and off for a few years. My recent more than a year long hiatus ended this reset on the Normal server. I still consider myself a newbie but since the game recognizes the number of resets (?) that I have played, it gives me a gold star and says I’m a veteran. By accident I discovered how fun it is to be a mentor. Although by no means am I an expert in the game, I had enough experience to answer their questions. The wiki was a lot of help as I referred one of my students to the guide there and I got a very good feedback. So… yay for Wiki!

The only color I have ever played seriously is red. I’ve tried others in different servers (back when there were more than 2) but I found myself wishing I had picked mountain magic instead. I had played that color in another game as well which I have left a long time ago. But staying on topic, what old tricks am I referring to? First is using red’s beneficial enchantment “Mountain Strength”. I was put off by it’s upkeep (1,500 in red mana) but a guildmate recommended it and said it was worth the pain in managing my upkeeps. I haven’t really noticed anything different but it’s not hard to manage resources with it on so I guess I’ll be keeping it and using it in the future as well. And one I just tested a few minutes ago is having the spell “Hellfire” on defense. I was able to keep my land and upon computing the amount of NP lost by me and my aggressor I was quite surprised. He lost over 2 million in NP and I lost 800,000 or so. That put a smile on my face. I will keep it on and see if it has same effect on my next visitor.


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