After more than 12 hours, no one has tried taking my mage’s land yet. There were 2 more attempts yesterday but so far I haven’t lost in defense. It’s interesting to see how much damage they’ve taken considering they’re a lot higher in NP and, I’m assuming, more experienced at the game than I am. I’m happy to keep all the land I’ve taken. I hope the success rate on defense continues.

About the topic. Prior to joining this guild, I have only been able to get the Luckbringer once. Unlucky huh. When I shared my experience with my guildmates, they gave me a tip on how to get it. It worked the first time I tried it and I’ve been using it everytime I log in. It’s very convenient on attack runs. It eliminates the need to pull up a target mage’s description to see if he’s in protection or not. And lessens the advertisements too. I’m sure the clicks help the game a little in revenue (I think). I would definitely recommend clicking around for the Luckbringer to my students ermm… to all players for that matter.


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