Linux Ubuntu’s Compiz-Fusion!

I’ve been using Linux Ubuntu 7.04 for less than a week. And I am soooo loving it! I got it it’s own special drive. *grins* I love how simple and flexible it is. I can make it do anything I want! Imagine having clay in your hands instead of cubes. The support for the OS is just amazing. Definitely beats that of any free support that I’ve tried. This is my first foray into a non-windows operating system. And I have to say that so far, things are looking great. I still need XP for my ipod but other than that… I do everything else in Linux Ubuntu. I initially wanted Vista for it’s aesthetic value. But once I’ve seen what Linux can do… there’s no way in hell I’m putting that on my machine!

Compiz-Fusion… What can I say… It just works! For me that is. And so did Linux Ubuntu somewhat. It hasn’t given me any problems that weren’t solved by a lil searching and a lot of help from folks in UbuntuForums.Org . I definitely would recommend this to everyone I know. I still have the 3 live cd’s that Canonical sent me for free (Thank you so much!). I’m so impressed with how easy it is to install. That’s a lot of luck on my part. I know it easily could have gone another way. But oh well! Here I am raving about how great it is!

This is the guide I used to install it. Link to Guide It went flawlessly! To make it look right and the cube to work properly, I had to make sure the following things were done/set:

1)System>Preferences>CompizConfig Settings Manager>General>General Options>Desktop Size>

Horizontal Virual Size = 4
Vertical Virtual Size = 1
Number of Desktops = 1

2)System>Preferences>CompizConfig Settings Manager>Desktop

Check Desktop Cube
Check Rotate Cube
Check Viewport Mouse Switch

If you have questions about Ubuntu, click here. Enjoy!

Linux Ubuntu’s Compiz-Fusion!

7 thoughts on “Linux Ubuntu’s Compiz-Fusion!

  1. I do use amarok in Ubuntu. I’ve read somewhere that they were able to sync it in amarok once but after that, the pod wasn’t readable anymore. I don’t want to risk it. I’ll wait for better ipod support on Linux. I’m sure someone’s working on it already. (“,) I don’t touch the pod that much though. Everything’s there and I just charge it when the batt’s gone.

    I’m very happy with Ubuntu.

  2. NGrover says:

    gtkpod is awesome for syncing ipod’s. I have yet to encounter a problem using it. As far as audio players, Exaile is just like Amarok, only native to Gnome (because it uses GTK).

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