Conky on Compiz-Fusion

I wanted something that would show my system information like cpu/ram/disk usage, temps, etc. that would blend with my desktop. After browsing through the forum, Conky seemed to be the logical choice. I have been trying to get it working for a few hours. I don’t get any error messages during installation but it doesn’t show up on my desktop. I’ve tried the how-to’s and tutorials on UbuntuForums but no go. I did ask if there were any issues with Conky being run on Compiz-Fusion. No answer yet. Although I think I remember seeing screenshots of it. I’ll have to check again later.

So far, everything’s working great. I ran into a little problem in playing .avi files in Totem. I’ve read on the forum that most of them use a diffent video player like mplayer or xmms. I still want to give it a try on Totem. I think Ubuntu wouldn’t ship with that movie player if it wasn’t worth something. I’m not very fond of Rhythmbox though. I chose to install Amarok and it runs great and plays all my .mp3 files with no problems. Rythmbox reminds me of iTunes. I had a hard time navigating through that when I first got my iPod. I guess for the most part it was just me being a windows user for so long and that being my very first Apple product. So the experience wasn’t good. Happy with the iPod though.

Aside from Conky and Totem troubles, I’m looking for an alternative for both if I can’t get them to work. I’m thinking about removing Rhythmbox altogether. Still looking for more ways to customize my Linux Ubuntu 7.04.

Conky on Compiz-Fusion

4 thoughts on “Conky on Compiz-Fusion

  1. Just a thought… you might try changing this setting in your .conkyrc file. I have conky working fine on Xubuntu. You might try the “own_window yes”, too, to see if it’s different when you’re in full-blown Ubuntu. Hope it helps!

    # Create own window instead of using desktop (required in nautilus)
    own_window no

    Also, ditch Totem… mplayer and VLC blow it away.


  2. pibis says:

    Hey. Did you try to set:
    background no
    in your .conkyrc file?

    Conky does not fork into background then, and you can read the error messages on your term, from which you run it.

    I have compiz-fusion, and my only trouble was integrating conky with desktop.

    At last I did it by setting:
    own_window yes
    own_window_type normal

    and setting below,stickines,and non-decoration through ccsm!

  3. Alexei Colin says:

    Thank you! Your setup worked great!

    Another option is to setup conky as a compiz widget (using Widget Layer plugin). The settings in .conkyrc are the same as pibis suggests above.

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