Hardware and Software on Linux Ubuntu

I was surfing the net when my brother asked me to print something for school. It occurred to me that I had forgotten to install my printer when I was setting everything up. I had to reboot into XP for him. And once that was done, proceeded to install my Brother DCP-115C Multifunction Printer. It wasn’t hard to search the forums for a guide. I used this to set it up. I have my printer working fine as well as it’s scanner. I haven’t tried the card reader yet but I hardly ever use that, even on XP. So that’s not an issue.

I have Compiz-Fusion running smoothly and Conky showing the information I wanted it to. To monitor my pc’s temperature, I used this guide. Worked fine. I have Xsensors installed to show the temperatures and voltages on my pc. I have yet to make the temperature show up on Conky. But it’s something I can work on later. Xsensors is more than enough for now. I am able to see my processor’s load, cpu & memory consumption as well as disk usage on my desktop’s screen. Very happy with the results.

I switched to Totem-Xine as my movie player. Now I am able to play .avi files with no problems. The sound is ok. I was able to get the Mplayer plugin on Firefox to play divx files online. But when it’s paused, it doesn’t play again and freezes Firefox. I always have to restart Firefox to get it working again. I watch shows on tv-links every now and then. I will search for more possible solutions and try it out when I have more time on my hands. The way things are going, it seems like nothing remains unsolved for long on Linux Ubuntu.


2 thoughts on “Hardware and Software on Linux Ubuntu

  1. there is a vlc plugin for mozilla….no problem here at all in streaming…there is a 2 seconds delay in starting the video…buts thats fine…remove mplayer plugin….thas what i did because everytime i had to start over to escape a crash when changing mode (resize,forward,select another movie without stopping the current one etc…last one was more prominant) while playing a video

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