Screenshots of Linux Ubuntu with Compiz-Fusion

screenshot 1

top of the cube

screenshot 3

The desktop effects of Linux Ubuntu’s Compiz-Fusion is impressive. I love the timer on the screenshot tool! Being a new user, I haven’t tried Beryl or Compiz but I expect that they’re able to do the same on their desktops. I finally got Conky’s temperature gauge working fine thanks to someone in the forum. Instead of using acpitemp I used “Temp $alignr ${i2c 9191-0290 temp 1}C ${i2c 9191-0290 temp 2}C ” to show the temperature. It works great!

So far everything I wanted to work on Linux Ubuntu are working. Only 1 thing left for me to tweak. I still haven’t been able to make divx work on Firefox. When I have a bit more time, I’ll look into that. I’ll also be looking for other nifty tools/programs to add. There’s so much potential in this OS. I’m glad I don’t have to search for cracked versions of software that I want to install. The updates keep coming. Based on what I’ve read on the forum, I will not be needing an anti-virus software nor a firewall. But I’ll look more into that in the future. For now, I’m completely sold on this free product!


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