Linux Ubuntu 7.04 Checklist

I’ve been using Ubuntu for a few weeks now. I still have winXP on my smaller drive. I think there’s still a lot of things I’ve yet to explore in Ubuntu. So far I’ve been able to get almost all of the things I want working fine. The forum is an awesome resource that I’d definitely point out to. Without it, I wouldn’t have known the things that I could make this operating system do for me. I’ll list down the things that I have working and the things I want to work on when I have time.

1) Compiz-Fusion : Of course! This is the first thing I wanted on my Ubuntu. The desktop effects are just awesome! Beats that of any other OS in the industry.

2) Conky : Great match with Compiz-Fusion. Provides information about my system and is relatively easy to configure. Mostly copy/paste. Not all systems are the same so I had to ask around about the cpu temp gauge. Got it working with help from the forum.

3) Amarok : It’s nice. Easy to configure. Plays .mp3’s just fine. Although I’d like to turn off that pop up thing that tells me what the next song is. Don’t think that’s necessary but it’s all good.

4) Pidgin : Nifty little thing. I had used Trillian on winXP before. I like the functionality and the convenience it provides. I don’t know how to get the webcam working on the yahoo part. Not sure if it even does. Will look into it later.

5) Totem : I got it to play my .avi files with sound. I had to switch between other movie players but this one finally worked. I don’t need an uber video player. I just want it to play videos and it gets the job done.

6) VLC Media Player : Installed it because I want to want xvid / divx files online. Kinda buggy but at least I get something. Will explore more options when I have time.

7) Brother DCP-115C : Prints and scans fine. Thanks again to the people in the forum for creating How-To threads. Was very happy when I got it to work.

8) Things I still have on winXP : iPod, sony ericsson w810i, games and divx player. I’m not ready to plug in my iPod yet. I’ve heard of gtkpod (sp?) but I’ve yet to try it. I don’t know if it’s gonna mess up the iPod if I plug it into winXP one day and Ubuntu the next or vice versa. More research needed. The same goes for my phone. I will look into installing wine for the games. That’s not important though. The divx player I use a lot for watching shows on I hope VLC will be enough. I haven’t tested it fully. I’ve been watching Kyle XY and it seems to pick the episodes it wants to run. We’ll see…

Linux Ubuntu 7.04 Checklist

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