Red Stack

Unfortunately, this is not a guide. Merely notes on what works and what doesn’t. But even that is not 100% accurate. Last reset, a guildmate of mine – BlueCrus, showed me a wonderful red stack that worked well with our wonder – Academy of Trajectory. I have been experimenting with flying and ranged units. The stack I was given consisted of 2 melee units, 3 ranged units and 1 melee unit. Balrogs and Death Knights are interchangeable as the top 2 stacks. Then Magmademons, Ice Hexes and Acid beasts. With Mountain Rises at the bottom to kick the fodder. I also picked up Mind Flayers and had them behind the Magmademons. With Hellfire and Flask of Gasoline on defense, it was great!

With a different wonder, I didn’t really use this stack extensively. But the times that I did, I think it did better than the other stacks I’ve tried. If you’re a mountain mage and looking for a stack, this is a good one to try out. Let me know how it goes…

Red Stack

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