Voip on Linux 7.04

A friend of mine who works for a research company found out today that I have switched to Linux Ubuntu. They use Fedora and Centos in all their workstations. Asked if I knew anything about Asterisk programming, I’ve never heard of it so I said no. Turns out that they’ve been looking for a way to install softphones on their linux boxes. I’ve been scouring the forums for a good softphone and voip provider. There’s Ekiga, Wengophone, Gizmo and Skype. So far the best bet is Ekiga which came with Ubuntu. And for the provider, based on what I’ve read it seems that most of them are from one company – Betamax. But in order to register, you will have to use a windows box since they ask you to install their software first before you can get a username and password. And the installer is an exe file. Some have tried running that in Wine though but I forgot if it worked or not. I will have to research on that further. As far as hardware is concerned, I think I will just keep the headset. A handset will be too much for something that I think I will rarely use. Although that might change if I get this to work and I’ll find plenty of uses for it.

At this point, it looks like Ekiga is more widely used and has a good success rate. The newer versions fix any audio issues. I have no idea if Ekiga works with Fedora or Centos. I’d like to think that it should since they’re still linux. I will test this and see what happens. The search continues…

Voip on Linux 7.04

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