Learning to be a Linux Network Administrator

Ask me anything about networking in Windows and I could give you an answer or get you one. I’m a technician for a manufacturer of networking devices. I take in about at least 18 cases a day, 6 days a week. I’ve been using Linux Ubuntu since April 2007. Recently, I was posed a question by one of my friends if I knew a lot about Linux networking. Of course, my answer was no because I’m still learning. I really want to try this out. I was told that I will need to learn CLI. I have no idea what that is. So I guess that’s where I will start. I’ll also be looking for online resources that I can read up on about administering a Linux network. We’ll see what I can find…


4 thoughts on “Learning to be a Linux Network Administrator

  1. CLI is the Microsoft library for C++… it is implemented in the new .net IDE’s. It basically gives you managed memory/data types as opposed to standard c++ in which you have to do pointer management.

  2. Clarification: CLI is Microsoft’s SPECIFICATION which allows for the .net to use multiple languages on different architectures, which is implemented in .net.

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