Hard Drive Cloning Project Results

Hard Drive Cloning Project

This is my first project of this kind. I’ve had many firsts since I started using Linux Ubuntu 7.04 back in April. Including my first time to install an operating system! The purpose of this was to move/clone my old 40GB Maxtor drive with Windows XP which was starting to fail. I have an 80GB drive which housed my Linux Ubuntu 7.04. I then purchased a 160GB Seagate drive. Of course I want Linux on the largest drive because that is what I use the most. Well, here are the results…

Successfully cloned an 80GB Hitachi drive which had my Ubuntu onto a new 160GB Seagate drive. I searched the Ubuntu Forums on how to do that. And I was not disappointed. I found a nifty command in Linux that does just that. I made sure the syntax was correct since I was in danger of destroying everything I’ve done on Linux. So I popped in my Ubuntu LiveCD and did this:

sudo dd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/hdb bs=4096 conv=notrunc,noerror

sudo – because of the permission error I kept getting
dd – the magical command
if – the source drive or partition
of – the target drive or partition
bs – determines the size of the tranfers (?)
conv – I have no idea but that was recommended

Again, I made sure that I didn’t get the source and target drives mixed up! Or else!

When it was done, I booted up my 160GB drive and voila! Everything was exactly the same. I had to reboot one more time to get back the drives to the correct /dev/hda tag. I didn’t have to do anything else. Ubuntu just did what it usually does. So the 80GB Hitachi with Linux was successfully cloned to the 160GB Seagate. Problem solved!

Now the 40GB Maxtor drive was another challenge. It was in NTFS format. The dd command did not work. I kept getting an input/output error message. I used the LiveCD to wipe out and split the 80GB Hitachi into 2 almost equal partitions. The ntfsclone command worked but for some reason I could boot up Windows XP on the 80GB drive even though all the files were there. I thought it was a Windows problem so I looked for a Windows solution. The 15-day Trial of Acronis True Image did the trick.

So now I can let the 40GB Maxtor drive rest in peace until I find a need for it. I hope not. Windows XP has been moved to my 80GB Hitachi drive and my Ubuntu is now on the 160GB drive with plenty of unallocated space for other Linux distros that I want to try out. I would never have done all this without the Ubuntu Community. Hats off to you guys!

Thread here.

Hard Drive Cloning Project Results

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