Overclocking Forays

I know nothing about overclocking but I am intrigued by it. I’ve read articles about the pros and cons and how-to’s but still very much apprehensive about the whole thing. One day I thought, as I was spending time “fixing” windows XP yet again, what the hell. If this old pc is gonna die, it might as well die overclocked.

So here’s what I have (hopefully it lasts longer): AMD Sempron 2200+ 1.5 GHz, Asrock K7VM3, PQI 512MB DDR 400, GeForce FX5200 128MB, 80GB Hitachi and 160GB Seagate HDD. I think the PSU is dying slowly by being choked with dust. It’s the only thing that I haven’t cleaned. After doing a lot of reading, I found out that the CPU is locked so I couldn’t touch the multiplier. The only thing that I could change was the FSB.

I then searched for the perfect software to go with this experiment. I got CrystalCPUID and Everest Ultimate Edition. The CPUID showed me all the numbers I needed to know about my CPU, motherboard and RAM. The Everest gave me all the temperatures I needed. Knowing how hot things are running is crucial as what I’ve learned. It also allowed me to do memory tests and stress tests to see how stable the setup is. I pressed F2 during the computer’s boot up process. I upped the FSB 1 MHz at a time until I reached 1.6 GHz. A bit over 6% of my original CPU speed. I did this using the BIOS. It gave me an option to manually set the FSB. It was pretty exciting for me.

This is measly compared to what experienced overclockers do to their systems. I am now in search for a better PSU and more fans so I can play with this old thing to push it further. I don’t wanna touch my newer X2 4000+ pc unless I feel confident that I’ve learned enough.

Overclocking Forays

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