Nothing Much

Not much progress in my Portable Multi-Distro Linux USB Drive Project. I’ve been busy with my transfer to another department in the company (and getting a PS2 plus a couple of PSP’s).  I know for sure that the concept works. I just need to install a non-debian/ubuntu based distribution to make it complete. And I’m certainly going to keep Grub as my boot loader. Much simpler than others out there. My biggest concern is experimenting with distributions that use CLI only installation. I’m fairly new to the Linux world and pilot error is highly probable. Plenty of documentation around though but limited time to peruse them. I’ll see how it goes.

On another topic, I was surprised to find out that after a few years in the market, there hasn’t been much success in crafting a PSP Emulator for PC’s. I’m not sure how much truth is on the net about the custom firmware’s source code not being released. Not sure if its release would even help. I was planning on testing some iso/cso files before loading them onto the console.

As with everything else, time will tell…


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