Installing Linux Mint 7 to External USB Drive

I have heard a lot of good feedback and saw really nice screenshots of Mint 7 Gloria, both Gnome and KDE versions. I had about 15GB of free space on a Western Digital USB drive and thought I’d go ahead and try it out. I already had Ubuntu and previous versions of Mint installed on the same drive. I booted up my Mint 6 system, downloaded the iso and burned it onto a CD with no issues. The computer I was and still am using is a Sony Vaio VGN-CR35G laptop with an ATI graphics card.

The installation itself was a breeze. No different from other processes I’ve gone through. The way my drive is set up is not unusual. I have 10GB partitions for the linux distros that I try out and a single /home partitions that is slightly larger. During the first boot, I was impressed with how great and streamlined it looks from login screen to desktop. I have no issues with drivers and the wireless works without any fuss, just like other versions. I feel that the run time from boot to desktop is faster and the annoying beep at shutdown isn’t there anymore. I’m excited to plug this drive into other computers in the house to see if compatibility would be an issue. I will have to write another entry on that.

Overall, I’d have to say that this is the easiest install that I have ever done. If I remember correctly, it is the quickest finish too. The artwork that comes with it is top caliber as always. You can never have too much eye candy. Compiz runs and works by default, which is great. I can’t really say anything more other than I wish I could sync this with my Ubuntu One account. Currenty, UO is in its beta stage and can only be used with a Jaunty system. Hopefully, that gap will be bridged in the near future. At the rate things go right now, that’s probably soon.

Installing Linux Mint 7 to External USB Drive

3 thoughts on “Installing Linux Mint 7 to External USB Drive

  1. Shea says:

    may you could tell us HOW you installed it onto you pendrive? i have tried to put in onto a usb stick but for some reason it wont fully load and leaves me on some command line :-S

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