Is there a gaming ultraportable laptop out there?

I own and still use an old HP Pavilion dv1000. Yes, I have a couple of high powered desktops but I still prefer the mobility that a laptop offers. Obviously, my current one is outdated. So my search has begun. My usual places to go to for browsing the latest and the greatest are Cnet and Bestbuy. What is it that I want in my next laptop? I would have to say between 11 and 14 inches for the screen size. At the very least, 4 GB of RAM. Not really fussing about the hard drive size. I definitely want dedicated graphics, Nvidia or ATI. It also has to be thin and light. I haven’t decided yet if I want an optical drive or not. It depends how thin it is I guess. At the moment, there are a few that fit all of those, but not something I would buy and use. I will post again when my search gives me something with potential.


One thought on “Is there a gaming ultraportable laptop out there?

  1. Razer has a new laptop that is insanely expensive and everything you’d ever want, including mobile.
    Personally I’d recommend a Dell XPS, they tend to be good systems and I’ve never encountered someone who has had any hardware issues with them.
    Also, stick to Nvidia GPU, ATI drivers are such shite and hardware is no good without good drivers.
    The downside to nice computers with i5 or better processors and “gaming” ability is that you’re going to not get that small screen you want.
    Here, have a link to XPS and customize to your heart’s content.,13538419914,901pdb6671

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