Sony Vaio’s Motion Eye Camera: Post Switch From Vista To Windows 7

I wiped Vista off of my Sony Vaio VGN-CR35G and replaced it with Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. Everything worked, except for the internal Motion Eye web cam. I tried getting XP and Vista drivers and installed them via the admin mode. I tried to download drivers from similar models and those didn’t do me any favors either. I finally stopped and just let it go. I wasn’t using it at all anyway.

I loaned the laptop to someone for a day. When I got it back, I was told that they tried to use the camera and found that it didn’t work. I also found some camera software and drivers still installed that they must have used to try to fix it. I forgot about it after some weeks and went about my schedule.

Finally, I got a relatively boring day and thought I should try again. The first step almost always is to do a search and see what’s out there. I tried something different thought. Instead of just typing in “Sony Vaio” and “Windows 7 camera driver”, I added in the “Motion Eye” branding that’s right under the camera lens. I got some great tips from a post by JavanFace in Microsoft’s technet forum. Now, this post was nearly a year old by I decided to give it a shot.

Sony Vaio Motion Eye Camera

I downloaded 2 files first. The camera driver here and the driver extractor here. Once I had those, the next steps were very simple.

1. Install the Extractor and run it. Point it to the executable driver installer.

2. Open the folder where the files were extracted to and double-click on the installer.

For my laptop, I clicked on the 64 bit version. After running, I didn’t get any messages that it was finished or it was installed successfully. So I just went ahead and tried it with the IM software that I used most often and it detected the camera right away. Thus, my yearlong camera conundrum is solved. I hope it works for anyone else having the same issue and looking for a working solution.

If you want to look at the original thread, then click on this. Alternate driver source here.

Added February 23, 2016:  Updated driver download link.


8 thoughts on “Sony Vaio’s Motion Eye Camera: Post Switch From Vista To Windows 7

  1. Sorry I have Sony Vaio PCG-8W1M and this Model wase not supported,what can i do?Please help me i must find the problem!Greez from Switzerland!

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