Jumpstart Changes

A suggestion was posted asking for the removal of the Jumpstart server altogether because of the low activity compared to the Normal server. There was vote was held in the forum giving the players a chance to have their say on the game. Majority of the players chose to increase the turn rate of the Jumpstart server. How fast will it be? No announcements have been made but we’ll find out soon. There’s only 7 days left before Havoc starts. There is no start date yet for the next reset. The new and improved server aims to increase player activity as well as the current player base.


Red Stack

Unfortunately, this is not a guide. Merely notes on what works and what doesn’t. But even that is not 100% accurate. Last reset, a guildmate of mine – BlueCrus, showed me a wonderful red stack that worked well with our wonder – Academy of Trajectory. I have been experimenting with flying and ranged units. The stack I was given consisted of 2 melee units, 3 ranged units and 1 melee unit. Balrogs and Death Knights are interchangeable as the top 2 stacks. Then Magmademons, Ice Hexes and Acid beasts. With Mountain Rises at the bottom to kick the fodder. I also picked up Mind Flayers and had them behind the Magmademons. With Hellfire and Flask of Gasoline on defense, it was great!

With a different wonder, I didn’t really use this stack extensively. But the times that I did, I think it did better than the other stacks I’ve tried. If you’re a mountain mage and looking for a stack, this is a good one to try out. Let me know how it goes…

Ranking Newbie

These are my first resets, in Normal server and Jumpstart server, where I plan to try my hand at ranking. I’ve been playing the game on and off for a few years now but I’ve always found myself in the middle of a war somehow. The challenge of surviving a series of attacks and being able to defend most of them successfully is fun for me. After more than a year of hiatus from the game, I’d like to try something new. I don’t pretend to know a lot about the game. I still feel that the length of time spent playing the game is hardly proportional to skill. I don’t know much, just enough to survive.

I’ve also started to experience how it is to be a mentor. Purely by accident though. If the mentor settings were not reset, I wouldn’t have been surprised by the students waiting on me. I like being able to help them though. It’s a welcome change to my usually non-existent in-game exchanges. Quite a few of them are playing or used to play a game very similar to The Five Pillars. A couple, I don’t know if it was assigned or by chance, are in the same country as I am. That’s certainly nice to know. Most of the people I know prefer the graphic games while I find them tiring. I try but I don’t really keep playing.

So we’ll see how this goes. There’s more to learn and Havoc is coming…