Multimedia for Intrepid Ibex

So I had some trouble playing .avi files in my Ubuntu 8.10 box. I searched the handy dandy Ubuntu Forums and found what I was looking for. I went on to download and install the updates available. And then ran the following commands in the terminal.

sudo wget -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/medibuntu.list

wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add - && sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get remove gnash gnash-common libflashsupport mozilla-plugin-gnash swfdec-mozilla && sudo apt-get install alsa-oss faac faad flashplugin-nonfree gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad-multiverse gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly-multiverse gstreamer0.10-pitfdll libavcodec-unstripped-51 libmp3lame0 non-free-codecs sun-java6-fonts sun-java6-jre sun-java6-plugin unrar

These commands got my files playing again. I’ve only tried a .avi file though. In the future, I might get a chance to play other file types. But I’m pretty sure that I won’t have any issues. In case I do, I can always check the forums for solutions.


Conky in Intrepid Ibex

I have the exact same Conky setup as in my Hardy installation. I had an issue with the borders having shadows and couldn’t figure out what was wrong in my configuration. Turns out, my Conky code is fine. A fellow user pointed out that the cause is CompizFusion. I didn’t have CompizConfig installed at the time. The weird thing was that my Conky worked flawlessly in my upgraded Intrepid Ibex but the shadow/border shows up when I used the fresh install.

I installed CompizConfig and turned off Window Decoration as recommended. That did not solve the issue though. I was playing around with the settings and discovered where the fault lied. It was the opacity of the shadow/borders. I dragged it to the minimum that the bar would let me, saved the settings and ran Conky again. It works great now.

Upgrade to Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex

Heron has been bugging me for quite some time because of automatic update issues. It just would automatically check for updates so I went ahead and upgraded to 8.10 Ibex. Now my gut tells me that something is seriously wrong with my Heron installation and that I should just do a clean install but I’ve decided to wait til the final release or when I get the cd.

After a few hours of sleep, I have Intrepid up and running. First thing I noticed is the wallpaper and I like it. My conky is working just great. Everything seems dandy for now. Better than Heron, I think. We’ll see…